Tips & Tricks: Mascara Application


One of the most used items in all of ‘makeupdom’, the wondrous mascara! What would we do without it? This little bottle of instant lash tint, volumiser, lengthener and curler is the one item most women refuse to do without, and rightly so, it’s the one item that truthfully is a miracle product.  We are spoilt for choice these days and there is a mascara to suit each and every woman’s individual needs and desires for the kind of look she wants to achieve.

Firstly, you want to find the wand that best separates and coats your lashes, with so many out there this really is a trial and error job for you. I’d have to create a whole series just for wands if I were to speak of them all. I can tell you which ones are my favourite (and least favourite) and perhaps this will aid you in finding your perfect fit.

Firstly, I detest the rubber wands with short bristles as pictured above second from the right. I find that they do more to clump mascara than anything else and the nubs that extend off the end of the wand are hardly long enough to coat my lashes correctly.
I also dislike the “two brushes in one” types that you see third from the left in the graphic above. I like to turn and wiggle my wand and these therefore present a problem for me during application.
Lastly, I do not like wands with bristles that are spaced too far apart because they cause my lashes to stick together during application and I need a lash brush to separate my lashes once they have dried. Who has time for that?
I like wands, as pictured above, first, second and third from the left, especially the first one.

My absolute favourite and first choice of a mascara is Bobbi Brown’s Everything mascara. The brush is the most perfect one I have ever used and the wand is a great length.
My second favourite is MAC’s Plush Lash. The brush has long bristles on two sides and shorter, almost flattened on the other two sides which catches all of your  shorter lashes. The only reason it’s not my favourite is that it’s not as long wearing as the Everything and requires a touch up when going from day to night.
Lastly, I absolutely adore Mabelline’s Great Lash. They have recently revived the wand which is round and conical and takes some getting used to but the pointy end is absolutely perfect for lower lash mascara application, especially on clients. Great Lash has a long history of being the go to mascara for makeup artists because mascara is the product that gets changed most often in a kit so the value and quality and this mascara fits the bill perfectly.


The favourites

For your mascara application you want to position the wand horizontally, lifting your eyelid gently at the arch of your brow. Firstly blink your eye so your lashes are coated from the root right to the ends all the way along your eyelid. Then turn the brush in the same position using the other side and starting at the base of your lashes, wiggle the still horizontal wand in a zig-zag manner to lift and separate your lashes. Allow that coat to dry a little and apply a second coat being careful to avoid applying too much mascara and risk a clumping situation.


 Apply one coat of mascara to your lower lashes by holding the wand parallel to your nose and moving only the tip of the wand along the lash line. Tilt your head forward very slightly to get the best angle and to avoid smearing mascara on your cheek.  Something you can do to boost your lash volume is apply a light dusting of powder to them between coats. Do not dawdle with your mascara application as the powder and air will set your mascara very quickly so apply quickly and don’t over work the application or you will have a clumpy mess on your hands. You want to dust powder onto the lashes without actually touching them with your brush, so dab a medium sized powder brush into a small amount of loose powder, position your finger parallel to your lower lashes (but off of your face) and with your other hand gently knock the brush against your finger. You can also try running your index finger over the top of the brush creating a light cloud of powder that coats your lashes. Any loose powder that falls around your eyes can quickly and easily be dusted off without ruining your eye make up application.
You may want to practice the powder between coats method once or twice to get the hang of it.

In closing, I would encourage every woman out there to become very good friends with a lash curler! No mascara can replicate the effect of first curling your lashes and then applying your magic wand mascara. It creates the effect of significantly longer lashes and your mascara should set the curl giving you a truly luscious and captivating look.



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