Lip Speak Easy

Statement lip

One of the best ways to vamp up your day look for an after work social or dinner date, is a statement lip. One of the pitfalls of just smearing on some lip colour is that it doesn’t stay put past the first few sips of your chosen beverage. In this article I will show you how to get more mileage out of your new favourite red, berry or coral lip colour.

Step 1 – Start off by exfoliating your lips. You can use a soft bristled tooth brush along with some of your face wash, or you can use a mixture of sugar and a few drops of grape seed oil. Be gentle
Step 2 – Apply a lip balm or lip primer to lock in moisture and even out the delicate skin of your lips
Step 3 – Apply some foundation over your lips
Step 4 – Using a lip pencil in the correct shade for your lipstick, fill in your entire lip area with the liner pencil. This will help your lipstick stay put and ensure your lip colour doesn’t vanish whilst eating
Step 5 – Using a lip brush, carefully apply an even layer of colour over the lip area
Step 6 – Next, dip your powder brush into some translucent powder, place the tissue over your lips and gently dust the powder over the lip area. Use the tissue to prevent the brush sticking to your lips and smearing the colour
Step 7 – For added lip colour longevity, apply a lip stain that is within two shades of your lipstick
Step 8 – Apply another layer of lipstick, using a lip brush
Step 9 – Finally, using a cream concealer and concealer brush, perfect the outline of your lips and highlight your cupid’s bow–the highest points of your upper lip
Step 10 – Put down the lipgloss. Gloss makes lipstick slide – fast!

Have a look at this great info graphic which details the steps as mentioned above;

Perfect lip liner step by step guide

In conclusion, do not be afraid to experiment with colour! Deep purple shades are eye-catching on pale skins regardless of hair and eye colour. Coral and intense pinks are particularly striking on dark skin. Scarlet and berry shades look good on all skin tones.

One thing to remember when doing a statement lip, is to keep your eye makeup uncomplicated and classic. A heavily smoked eye makeup plus a statement lip will make you look like you are wearing too much makeup and no one (read: men) likes makeup that looks like you need a paint scraper to remove it.

Until next time, thank you for reading!



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