How To Achieve The Perfect Winged Liner

There is a reason the winged liner has been around since Cleopatra and why it has made such a resurgence recently. It remains one of the most classic and flattering looks for all eyes.

However, some of us battle to master this look. It takes practice, a steady hand and some handy step-by-step tips to help you ensure that you will never again leave the house with crooked liner.

First, you will need the right tools and one of the most important implements in your makeup bag are good quality brushes. For this liner application you will need an angled liner brush. I use an Alila or MAC angled liner brush.


Next you should opt for a gel liner. I adore Bobbi Brown’s Longwear Gel Liner in Black Ink because of its gorgeous consistency and staying power but you can use your favourite.

To draw the perfect wing, follow the easy steps in the info graphic below, taking care to note the position of the eye, and therefore the lid, during each step.

If you battle to get a nice point on the end of your wing, try drawing the line from the outside in, towards the eye. This method also helps to ensure that the wing on both eyes is symmetrical in length and angle.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share your tips in the comments section.



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