Kristin – Bridal

Here are some pictures from Kristin’s wedding to Royce in Pietermaritzburg. These gorgeous photos are courtesy of MAD Photo & Design.

Kristin was looking for a very natural, classic makeup look that would not age in photographs. This look was easy to achieve with such a gorgeous lass, and those big baby blues!

We wish Kristin and Royce all of the very best for their future.







Christine – Bridal

On an overcast and misty morning, I headed to Calderwood Hall in the Natal Midlands for Christine’s wedding. A more beautiful setting one could not wish for, especially when the mists are rolling in over the lake and the sun is just peeking through the clouds.

Christine was an absolute delight to work with and someone I now call friend. For her bridal look we decided on low key glamour, as she is very sporty and doesn’t wear makeup often so we wanted her to feel comfortable yet special on her wedding day. We used a palette of silver and grey to show off her blue eyes and finished off with a blush lip.

All images are courtesy of David Rees Photography and all rights are reserved.

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Get Your Halo On


It’s product review time and in today’s post I will be talking about the wonder of Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. If, like me, you are not a fan of liquid or cake makeup then this product may just about change your life!

As you can see in the picture, the foundation is in powder form and one of the massive pros of this product is the ability to turn the top of the compact and loosen only the required amount of powder. Sure you can do this with tubes and pump bottles but this compact has a higher cool factor.

Fancy packaging aside, I am well impressed with this foundation. I use it successfully for both day and glamorous night applications.
During the day after my moisturiser and sunblock, I apply some BB cream to areas that need a little extra coverage and then I apply a light covering of Halo powder all over the face with a large powder brush. You can use a kabuki brush if you need more coverage. There is no heavily made up or cakey look to my skin, which maintains a healthy glow and is precisely what I am after; especially in the humid summer we are about to hit in Durban.

The only products I add if I am going for a more glamorous night application are a primer and an under eye concealer.
Primer as we have discussed previously, is an essential tool that you need to have in your makeup arsenal and using it over a BB cream makes the halo powder glide onto the skin and gives a near flawless appearance.*
*This of course depends on the condition of your blank canvas.

For night I use a bronzer to contour my face, adding back some dimension that can be lost under a heavier makeup application and artificial lighting.

I am so impressed with Halo powder that it’s now a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. The cost of the product (ZAR625 at Woolworths) is tempered by how long it lasts. I am more than 6 months into my compact without any signs of it coming to an end. I am told you can expect it to last in the region of between 8 to 12 months, of course depending on how much you use. If you need more coverage I would suggest using Halo powder in conjunction with a foundation or it will prove to be rather costly to keep using.

I give this product a 10/10, it wears very well, lasts more than 6 months, is easy to work with, gives the skin a gorgeous finish and primer makes this product truly glorious.

Heidi – Bridal

Here are some pictures of Heidi, our beautiful bride from a few weeks back.

We weren’t able to do a trial as I was called the day before the wedding, but with a bride who is as lovely as Heidi, creating a look for her big day was not difficult. Heidi has very fair skin and gorgeous strawberry blonde hair so I used muted shades and a nude lip to create a classic look.

Once again, congratulations Heidi, you made a beautiful bride and we wish you years of wedded bliss!

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The Forgotten… Eyebrows!

The "No Brow" look

The “No Brow” look. Only acceptable on the runway, if that.

Today we are going to talk about, what seem to be, the red headed step child of many a woman’s make up application… ‘Brows!

I myself have been guilty of this crime (shock, horror, gasp!) having altogether forgotten to enhance my very fair brows and as a consequence, had them absolutely disappear in photographs.
Those of us lucky enough to have been blessed with dark haired loveliness are just as guilty of applying foundation and powder over them and neglecting to even run a brow brush through them before leaving the mirror.

How not to enhance your brows. Too solid and too thin a line.

How not to enhance your brows. Too solid and too thin a line.

Lastly, there are also those of us who are too heavy handed and end up looking like we have stencilled them on with a permanent marker.
Not sexy, ladies. Not sexy at all.

Eyebrows really are frames for our eyes and to use the blackest of black pencils and solid lines is to do them a grand disservice.
You wouldn’t hang an expensive piece of art in a cheap black plastic frame, so why do that to your eyes?

There is a wealth of information on shaping your brows, The Beauty Department does a fabulous and easy to follow tutorial.
If you are in any doubt or you have accidentally savaged your brows with over zealous tweezing, I recommend you get referrals to a good brow shaping professional and visit her once every three to six months, depending on how thick your brows are or how coarse your hair is, for maintenance.
I am a big fan of threading. It’s kinder to the skin than smearing hot wax on your delicate eye area, not to mention the savage ripping off of said wax and it provides a vastly cleaner line than tweezing.

Once your brows have been expertly shaped to beautifully frame your eyes, you need to get to your favourite make up counter and get yourself a brow pencil, brow shadow or even a brow gel.
Bobbi Brown–by now we know she is one of my favourite lines–has all three different types of brow enhancers and you are guaranteed to find your perfect match. My absolute favourite is the brow gel which comes in a little bottle with a shorter mascara type wand. It colours and combs in one easy step.

I also find a brow pencil very easy to work with but you need to be careful that you don’t draw but rather ‘feather’ in your brows using short, light strokes. You could also run the tip of the pencil, holding the pencil parallel to your face, against the direction of hair growth. This will colour your hair but not your skin, ensuring a very natural look.

Lauren Conrad shows us how it's done right.

Lauren Conrad shows us how it’s done right.

When selecting the colour, always go for a shade lighter than you think you need. Even ladies with the darkest of hair should steer clear of black and rather use a dark brown. Remember we want to enhance the brow to give you a polished look and show off your eyes, not make your brows the main feature of your face for all the wrong reasons.

Of course if you have neither the time or inclination you have the option of tinting your brows, just remember to comb out some of the foundation and powder and perhaps keep a pencil around to touch up when the colour fades between appointments.

Yet another option that exists for those of us who have little to no brows, is tattooing. I have seen some beautiful work on women who have lost more than 80% of their brow hair to various factors, one being menopause. Before choosing this method I would suggest taking a look at a few tattooists and include in your research photos of recent and older clients so that you can get a sense of how their work ages.
Don’t rush into it or consult with only one person, this is your face we are speaking of. All tattoos are a lifetime commitment–even if you choose laser removal you will have a scar–and undertaking a tattoo procedure on your face is not something you should leave to a novice or undertake lightly.

Whatever method of brow enhancement you choose, abide by the less is more rule and don’t overdo it.

I hope you found this post useful. Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time, stay beautiful!



Sharon – Bridal

Sharon is a beautiful woman and made an even more beautiful bride on her wedding day. Helping her to create a classical yet slightly  muted look for her and her five bridesmaids was a lot of fun!
You will recognise Lauren, a previous bridal client of mine, in Sharon’s bridal retinue.

Sharon married in Ballito, just outside of Durban, on The Rain Farm. We achieved a very classical look for Sharon, keeping her eyes bright and her lip a soft pink, letting her natural beauty radiate.
For her bridesmaids we smoked up the liner but kept it clean and I used a slightly mauve neutral lip.

We were very lucky with the weather too as there was no harsh sunlight and neither was there any rain. The misty hills surrounding the venue were lush and green providing the most beautiful backdrop for Sharon’s photos.